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Curry SaladSoupsSide Dishes
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12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
[Non-smoking] 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

  • North Indian style chicken curry (Curry lunch ¥850)
  • Coconut chicken curry (Curry lunch ¥850)
  • Keema curry (Curry lunch ¥850)
*Lunchtime curry menu is limited to the above three items.

5:45 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Last order 9:30 p.m.)

[Non-smoking] 5:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


北インド風チキンカレー North Indian style chicken curry
Spicy chicken curry with an exquisite balance of our original garam masala and the slight sourness of tomatoes.
ココナッツチキンカレー Coconut chicken curry
Creamy and spicy chicken curry with a rich flavor of coconut milk. Recommended for diners who prefer milder curry.
チキンティッカのカレー Chicken tikka curry
Mild chicken curry with a sure-to-please flavor seasoned with yogurt.
モスリムカレー Muslim curry
With fried onions and yogurt as the base, this curry is characterized by its rich flavor and tender chicken. Enjoy the deep, pleasant spiciness of green chili.
キーマカレー Keema curry
Juicy curry with ground meat and vegetables. Generous helpings of vegetables make this curry light and healthy.

Aloo gobi (dry potato curry)  ¥900

Green salad  ¥500
Mini green salad  ¥200
Sesame seed salad with tomatoes and hijiki seaweed  ¥450
Sesame seed banana salad  ¥500

Dal soup  Bowl ¥600  Cup ¥300
Rasam (South Indian soup)  Bowl ¥600  Cup ¥300
Asian soup  Bowl ¥600  Cup ¥300

Side Dishes
Chicken tikka  ¥550
Spicy shrimp and onion sabzi  ¥700
Leek and pork spice stir-fry  ¥700
Asian style stuffed bell peppers  ¥600
Broccoli yogurt stir-fry   ¥500
Cabbage cumin stir-fry  ¥500
Spicy eggplant and pepper sabzi  ¥550

Masala potatoes  ¥500Aloo ko achar (Nepali style potato salad)  ¥400
Japanese white radish and pork sabzi  ¥500
Marinated vegetables  ¥500

Assam chai(HOT & ICE)  w ¥400  s ¥250
Tea / Nilgiri tea(HOT & ICE  w ¥400
Coffee(HOT & ICE)  w ¥400  s ¥250
Café au lait(HOT & ICE)  w ¥420
Plain lassi  w ¥400  s ¥250
Mango smoothie  w ¥500
Banana lassi  w ¥500
Mix Berry lassi  w ¥500
Mango smoothie  ¥400
Mango juice  w ¥500
Strawberry milk  w ¥500
Banana milk  w ¥500

Mango pudding  ¥350
Coffee jello  ¥350
Mango smoothie  ¥400
Mango yogurt ice cream  ¥400
Soy pulp chocolate cake  ¥400

Alcoholic Beverages
Draft beer (glass)  Medium ¥500  Small ¥380
Corona beer  ¥560

 Plymouth Gin,Gordon's Gin,London Hill,Bombay Sapphire,Tanqueray
 Myers's Rum,Ron Zacapa Centenraio 23YO
 Laphroaig 10 years old,Macallan 15 years old,Signatory
 Tio Peoe(Sherry)
【Plum Wine】
 Brown sugar Plum Wine,Ume-Dayu
【Distilled spirits】
 Shiratama-no-Tsuyu(potato shochu),Yamato-Zakura(potato shochu),Dai-Shizen-Rin(potato shochu)
 Yama-Bijin(rice shochu)
 Sato-no-Akebono(brown sugar shochu)
【Awamori (Okinawan "shochu") 】
 Maifuna,Maifuna 10 years old
 Gin Rime,Gin Fizz,Gin Rickey
 Frozen Strawberry cocktail,Frozen Mango cocktail
 Mango cocktail
 Campari Soda,Campari Orange

Take-out curry

North Indian style chicken curry    ¥800
Coconut chicken curry    ¥800
◎Take-out curry comes with DUNIYA’s original garam masala.
◎Take-out curry does not come with rice.

Curry SaladSoupsSide Dishes
DrinksDessertsAlcoholic BeveragesSpecialty MenuTake-out curry
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